About Us Muthuswamy Caterers was founded in 1955, throught out the decades we have reputed ourselves as Traditional Caterers to Deliver Authentic taste.

We offer services for your any kind of Big and Small Occassions. Wedding | Family Functions | Corporates |Other Functions


Our Clientale includes many names of Satified Customers. We Serve all types of clients. Companies | Celebrities | Industrailists and more
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Deepika Padukone
  Arya Bhavan - Mumbai (Matunga)

  Nellai Arya Bhavan - Madhurai

" she had a strong craving for South Indian food when she was pregnant. Immediately Kajol decided to have a mini South Indian festival at her home and invited close friends for a sumptuous feast of South Indian meal "Muthuswamy Caterers " even as she gorged on her favourite delicacies. "

" I am much elated with Sharukh Khan and Farhan Khan,. They paved a stupendous way for me here in Bollywood. Manish Malhotra who designed costumes for me in OSO is right here and off course, our " Muthuswamy Caterers" is there agian with us on the sets."
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